4 Things To Know About Ice On Your Heat Pump's Coils

Seeing ice on your heat pump coils can seem unusual; after all, your heat pump is designed to warm up your home. If you see ice on your heat pump, there are a few things you need to know about this particular situation. 1: A Little Frost Is Normal With a heat pump, a little frost on your coils is a normal thing. When your heat pump is working hard to keep your home warm, the refrigerant inside of your heat pump is going to turn into gas. [Read More]

Air Conditioner Constantly Smells Bad? 2 Causes and What You Can Do About It

If your air conditioner constantly smells bad this can make your entire home have a bad smell. Many things can cause this to happen. Two of these things are listed below so you can get your home smelling good again. Mold and Mildew Mold and mildew can cause a musty smell in your home. Not only is there a bad smell this can also cause health problems. This is because every time your air conditioner runs mold and mildew spores get into the air and people can breathe these in. [Read More]

A Few Scenarios In Which Your Brand New HVAC Unit Might Need Repairs

If you have recently purchased a brand new HVAC unit, you might have been pretty excited about doing so. After all, along with other benefits, one benefit of having a brand new unit is that you should not really have to worry about any problems with your unit for a long time to come. Unfortunately, there are still cases in which even brand new HVAC units need repair. These are a few examples of scenarios in which this might happen. [Read More]

Emergency Repairs For A Forced Air System

If your residence is heated by a forced air system and heat isn't being distributed throughout your home, an emergency heating repair can be conducted with the aid of a basic assessment, some hand tools, and replacement materials. The filters, the controls, and the blower belt and fan assembly are the main areas that you will need to check and possibly adjust, clean, or replace. Check The Condition Of The Filters [Read More]