How Much Should You Pay For A Furnace Repair?

Whether you live in a climate that demands a running furnace for several months of the year or just enjoy a toasty warm home, furnace issues and problems can be a major headache. If you're struggling with a furnace that doesn't always work, what can you expect to pay for diagnosis, repair, or replacement? How can you decide whether a particular furnace problem points to replacement instead of repair? Read on for some of the factors you'll want to consider when pricing out repairs on your home's furnace. [Read More]

Tips For Heating A Multistory House

Multistory homes often experience uneven heating; you find that the upper rooms and ground floors have different temperatures. This can be a real problem that can force you to keep adjusting the thermostat to even out the temperatures, often to no avail. Below are some tips to help you heat your multistory home evenly. Ensure Proper Installation and Maintenance In some cases, all you need to heat a multistory home is an adequately sized and installed heating system. [Read More]

Built A New Home From The Ground Up? Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Insulate Pipes

You have probably looked forward all year to moving into your brand-new and newly-built home in time for the holidays. Everything looks great and the house is now warm and inviting. However, before you forget what climate you live in, you should probably call in a plumber to insulate your pipes. If all of your new pipes in the basement are exposed, then you definitely want to call a plumber. Here is why this time of year is perfect for insulating brand-new pipes in your brand-new home. [Read More]

Could Your Favorite Pet Be Making You Sick? 3 Tips To Keep Pet Dander Down With Air Duct Cleaning

When you look at your favorite dog or cat, the last thing you might want to think about is that they could be causing you to cough and sneeze. While you might not have a full-blown pet allergy, it is possible for animal air and dander to trigger some mild allergic symptoms. Animal hair can also carry pollen, mold spores, and other allergens that irritate your breathing. When animal hair makes it into the air ducts of your home, these allergens can then be blown throughout every room whenever the HVAC system comes on. [Read More]