5 Signs You Need A Residential Air Conditioner Replacement

Do you need to replace your air conditioner? If you don't know when the unit should be replaced or upgraded, you can be left paying a lot of money on energy costs without even having an air conditioner that is cool enough to keep your home comfortable.

Just because your home came with a window or other air unit doesn't mean your air conditioner is ideal for your property. You may even be using the wrong air conditioner now.

Here are five signs you need to speak to your HVAC contractor about residential air conditioner replacement.

Your AC is always on

If your air conditioner is always on, something is wrong with your AC. It might be that the unit you have is too small for your home or that your air conditioner just doesn't get cool enough to make your home comfortable. Speak to your HVAC specialist about your options to see if a residential air conditioner replacement is the HVAC installation best for your needs.

Your AC is always freezing up

If your air conditioner is older or always on, it might freeze up all the time. It's time for an upgrade or at least an AC checkup if your air conditioner is freezing up several times a week or so.

Your AC is costing a lot of money

Whether your air conditioner is costing you a lot of money to operate or in repairs, it's time to get on the phone with an HVAC specialist to see if a new HVAC installation is right for your home. Your unit may be ready for upgrading, which will save you money in the long run.

Your AC is older

Even if an older air conditioner is working well, it might be ready to replace. Older air conditioners use a lot of energy and aren't as efficient as newer models. Ask your HVAC specialist if there are newer residential air conditioners on the market you can try.

Your AC is unreliable

Does your air conditioner work great when it's working? Does it just blow warm air or freeze over at random without warning? Check the filters and other parts of the unit to make sure they are working. If everything looks OK, then it might just be time for a residential air conditioner replacement. This can be the best way to get the most out of your air conditioner and finally enjoy consistently cool air in your home when you need it.