2 Things You Can Try When Your Home's Central Air Conditioner Is Not Blowing Enough Cool Air

While running your central air conditioner, you may have noticed that the air in your home is not as cool as you feel that it should be. Upon investigation, you may have found that there is not as much air coming out of the vents. While decreased airflow could be the sign of something wrong with the unit itself, there are a couple of simple things that you could try before calling in a professional to look at it.

1.  Replace or Clean the Air Filter Inside of the Unit

One of the easiest things you can try to help increase the flow of air coming from your A/C unit to the vents is to make sure that the air filter inside of the unit is clean. Over time, the fibers within the filter can become clogged up with dust, dirt, pollen, hair, and allergens.

Depending on your unit's model, you can either clean the permanent filter or replace the disposable one. If you have a disposable filter, opt to buy a mid-grade one that will filter out a high number of allergens while not breaking your wallet.

2.  Clean Out the Air Conditioner's Exterior Fins

Once you have cleaned or replaced your unit's air filter, the next thing you can do to help increase the flow of air through the system is to clean out the exterior fins on the unit. The air conditioner pulls in air from the outside through these fins, and they can become clogged up from particulates in the air as well as mud and vegetation.

Since these fins are fairly delicate, you will need to take care when cleaning them out. Use a soft-bristle paintbrush to clean out the spaces. If there is any stubborn dirt, you can use a dull butter knife to scrape it out, being careful not to bend the fins around it.

After replacing/cleaning the air filter and clearing out the exterior fins, you may still find that not enough air is flowing out of your home's vents. If this is the case, there may be an issue with the fan motor or even the compressor, either of which requires the attention of a professional. Contact an HVAC company that offers air conditioning repair services to have them take a look at your A/C unit to determine the cause of the decreased airflow so that they may take the appropriate action to fix it. Contact an air conditioning repair service for more information.