Hyrdo-Air Heating Repair To Get Your Home Warm Again After Your System Goes Out

There are many different heating systems installed in homes. Every type of system has specific needs when it comes to maintenance and repairs. The boiler and other components for a hydro-air system can cause problems when you need your heating. The following hydro-air heating repair information will help you solve problems with your system:

Issues With Hydro-Air Boilers

The boiler of a hydro-air heating system is different than conventional boilers. These are more like a hot water heater, and they need the same maintenance. If there is a problem with the hydro-air boiler, the things that need to be checked include:

  • Bad pilot lights or heating elements
  • Thermocouplings wearing out
  • Issues with mineral buildup in the storage tank

You will want to look for these issues if you are having trouble with your hydro-air boiler. Often, the problems are something simple like a pilot light, but you may need to call for help with repairs.

Problems With the Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is another component of the hydro-air system that can cause problems. This is the unit inside the ductwork that provides the heating. If it is blocked or damaged, your home will not get warm. The problems that you may have with the hydro-air heat exchanger include:

  • Dirty and dust blocking the heat exchanger coils
  • Damaged heat exchanger fittings
  • Problems with water not circulating through the heat exchanger

These are problems with a hydro-air heat exchanger that you may have to deal with.

Issues With Blowers of Hydro-Air Systems

Just like the blower of other conventional forced-air heating systems, blowers can fail in hydro-air systems. The problems you may have with your hydro-air heating system blower are the same as a system with a furnace. Some of the blower issues include things like worn bearings, bushings, or a failing motor. If the problem with your heating is the blower, the best solution may be to have it replaced.

Issues With Hydro-Air Controls And Electrical Components

The controls and wiring of a hydro-air heating system are a little different than a furnace. This is due to the boiler and the different types of thermal exchange. Problems with failing controls and electrical components that may need repairs include:

  • Worn or frayed electrical wiring
  • Bad control panels causing short circuits
  • Tripped breakers or reset switches

You may need to have the control panel replaced if it's causing problems with your heating.

This hydro-air heating information will help you understand the problems with your system. If your heating is not keeping you warm, call a heating repair service.