Signs A Capacitor In Your HVAC Is Bad And How The Problem Is Fixed

You may know that electric motors need more power when they start than they do when they're running. This is true for the motors in your HVAC too. That's why the fan motor in the condenser and the blower motor in the furnace have capacitors. Capacitors store energy, and they provide the extra power the motors need to start up and get running. When a capacitor goes bad, it can have different effects on your HVAC depending on if you're running the AC or furnace. [Read More]

What To Do When Your New Furnace Starts To Short-Cycle

Short-cycling occurs when a furnace turns on and off rapidly without completing a heating cycle. If your furnace shuts off before the home attains the pre-set thermostat temperatures, it means it is short-cycling. This problem can occur with both new and old furnaces. If you recently installed a new furnace and it is shutting off at brief intervals of less than 10 minutes, here are a few steps you can take to diagnose and fix the issue. [Read More]

5 Ways You Will Benefit From A Regularly Serviced Air Conditioner Unit

One of the best appliances that you can invest in for your comfort is an air conditioning unit. The unit comes in handy, especially in the summer when you are experiencing extreme temperatures. It refrigerates your home against heat gain and ensures everyone stays comfortable. Here are other benefits that you can expect from servicing your air conditioning system on a regular basis.  Comfortable Temperatures The last thing you want to deal with is excessively high temperatures in the home, especially in the summer. [Read More]

3 Reasons To Have Your Home's Gas Furnace Checked For Needed Repairs Before Winter Sets In

As winter approaches, you may be in the process of firing up your home's gas furnace. Since it seems to be working properly, you may believe that there are no issues and that it is ready to be used for the season. However, after sitting through the spring and summer seasons, there may be potential issues lurking that are not apparent right now but may cause problems after being used for a month or two. [Read More]