Three Common Air Conditioner Problems And Their Solutions

For many people, an air conditioner is one of the most indispensable of all home appliances—especially when the heat of summer rolls around. For that reason, nothing could be more upsetting than an AC system that ceases to perform the way it should. If you would like to educate yourself about some of the more common air conditioning issues, read on. This article will discuss three frequently encountered problems. Faulty Thermostat [Read More]

How To Know Your Air Conditioning Needs Repairs

When the summer season arrives, you will be counting on your air conditioner to keep your home cool, comfortable, and livable in spite of the high temperatures outside. Of course, there are no systems in your home that are immune to experiencing major malfunctions or failures, including your air conditioning system. And during the summer season when you need your AC the most, it is vitally important to know what signs to look out for when your air conditioner is in need of repairs. [Read More]

Keeping An Air Conditioning Unit Up And Running

Your air conditioner is what makes it bearable to be inside during those hot summer days, but if your air conditioner goes out then you are in for a hot couple of days. There are a few different things that can really help you keep your air conditioner up and running at peak performance all the time. You do not want to have to go through a few hot days without air conditioning, so here are just a few different things that will help you keep your air conditioning unit in good shape. [Read More]

Exploring 3 Different Types Of HVAC Systems

With so many different HVAC systems on the market, it is understandable while choosing the best one for your home could be so daunting. Learning more about the different types of systems may help you decide which one is best for your needs. Option One: Split Systems These systems have an evaporator coil tucked somewhere inside the home and a unit that sits outside. The outside units contains a condenser coil for heating and a compressor for cold air. [Read More]