Common Signs Of Refrigerant Problems In Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Your company's air conditioning can't operate correctly without a refrigerant. This coolant helps your system create cold air.

However, sometimes, systems suffer from refrigerant problems. This is most often down to broken or leaking pipes or hoses that allow refrigerant to escape out of your system. Once your levels are low, your air conditioning will start to have problems. How can you tell if this is happening?

Your System Isn't Cooling Normally

If your system has enough refrigerant, then it produces the cooled air you need around your building. If your levels are too low, then you'll notice a change here.

For example, the air coming out of your vents might be warmer than its thermostat setting. While this sometimes only affects some parts of the system, you're more likely to notice the change in all your vents.

Sometimes, your air is cool enough but your system's cooling cycle takes longer. You have to wait longer than usual for cold air to come through the system if it doesn't have enough refrigerant to work efficiently.

Your Evaporator Coils Have a Problem

If your air conditioning system doesn't contain enough refrigerant, then you might notice some changes to its evaporator coils. These coils need a constant supply of refrigerant to help them absorb heat during the cooling process.

If your system is low on refrigerant, then your coils might get colder than they should. They might feel really cold to the touch. You usually also see some ice on their surfaces. This ice will melt periodically, so you might also see small pools of water on the ground under your coils.

Sometimes, coils develop internal problems when a system has a refrigerant leak. The breach can allow moisture into your system, creating bubbles that often settle in these coils.

Your Running Costs Are Higher

Low refrigerant levels might not be obvious to start with. It might take time to notice cooling or coil problems. However, a leak will show up on your energy bills much faster.

When your system has enough refrigerant, then it works smoothly and efficiently. It uses just the right amount of energy.

However, if you are losing refrigerant, then your system has to work a lot harder. It has fewer resources to call on in the cooling process and it needs longer cooling cycles. During these times, it uses more power and your energy costs will increase.

To find out if you do have a refrigerant problem, call local HVAC contractors. If you do have a leak, they can fix it and then top up your refrigerant to its regular level.