Are You Keen To Pick The Right Furnace For Your Home? 4 Guiding Tips

The numerous heating options in the market may overwhelm you when installing a new furnace. Without the necessary information, you may go for a unit that does not meet your household's needs. As a result, the furnace operates inefficiently, making it vulnerable to a system breakdown. To prevent this, you should engage the services of a furnace specialist for your heating unit's selection and installation. Read on to explore tips on how to pick a suitable furnace.

Fuel Source

The market offers various furnace options that run on natural gas, propane, oil, or electricity. Notably, purchasing a furnace incompatible with your current one makes the installation process more complex. It would help if you checked the AFUE rating as you decide to upgrade your heating system to a more efficient fuel source. 

This annual fuel utilization rating allows you to compare the fuel sources easily. For instance, gas furnaces have a higher rating than other furnaces because they use clean-burning fuel. Thus, although gas furnaces may have higher upfront costs, their efficiency helps reduce operational expenses.


A properly-sized furnace provides heating and optimal comfort for your house. Conversely, an undersized furnace cannot provide adequate heat, making it run for longer hours as it strains to meet your needs. On the other hand, an oversized unit may frequently short-cycle, wearing the components more quickly. 

To guide you in purchasing an adequately-sized appliance, engage a furnace expert to conduct a load calculation. They will ascertain your house's square footage, climate zone, and entry points before making a determination. Consequently, they install a furnace with the right heating capacity to provide peak performance.

Type of Unit

Once you decide on the fuel source, you should evaluate the models available for each. For instance, when considering gas furnaces, you can choose a single-stage, two-stage variable speed, or modulating model. Although these models rely on gas, the mechanics of operation vary. In addition, some models may incorporate additional features such as variable-speed blowers and dual heat exchangers. Therefore, it is prudent to contact a furnace contractor for advice on the various furnace models before you select one that meets your preferences.

Service Agreement or Warranty

When purchasing a new heating unit, it is wise to go for one with a warranty. If not, you should purchase a service agreement for your new equipment. Under a warranty or service contract, you can get a free inspection and annual service. Moreover, this agreement provides cover for some parts and replacement. In many cases, the more exceptional the appliance, the better the warranty.

Picking a suitable furnace can be quite challenging, so scheduling an appointment with a reputable heating service professional is wise. They help select and install an effective heating unit that suits your home.

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