How To Keep Your Air Conditioner In Top Shape

An AC's electrical and mechanical components require routine servicing to ensure optimal energy efficiency and uninterrupted functionality. Ignoring corrective and preventative maintenance will result in a decline in cooling capacity and an increase in the system's energy consumption. Therefore, timely AC repair services and routine tune-ups will ensure your system offers you the desired cooling output. In addition, below are more AC maintenance tips. 

Clean or Replace the Air Filters

The AC utilizes a filtration process in which air filters trap dust, debris, and other airborne particulates as air flows through them. Unfortunately, filters may clog over time, straining the unit to take in sufficient air for cooling. This reduces efficiency drastically while air flows past the filters and deposits dirt on the coils. Consequently, dirt will cover the coils, impeding their heat-absorbing capacity. Therefore, it is paramount to hire an AC service professional to clean your reusable filters regularly. If you have disposable ones, they will replace them and ensure they are not overly restrictive for proper airflow in the AC.

Keep the Coils Clean

Evaporator coils extract heat from the air while the condenser coils dissipate it to the exterior. Like the filters, the coils may gradually accumulate dirt. As a result, the AC's cooling power will reduce significantly, causing a weak flow of uncooled air. On the other hand, the condenser coils collect dirt from plant matter, obstructing the fins. This causes the outdoor unit to overheat, making it susceptible to a sudden failure. To avert that, you should engage an AC technician to clean the coils, ensuring effective heat transfer.

Insulate Your House

It is crucial to examine whether the seals on the entry points in your home, such as windows and doors, are secure. You could be losing cool air and allowing warm air to creep in through draughty windows. In addition, you should properly wrap ductwork running through the attic or crawlspaces to maintain the temperature within them. Besides ensuring the air in the ducts is cool, proper insulation prevents cool air from leaking into unconditioned spaces, leading to energy losses.

Clean the Drain Line

Over time, algae and mold may grow in the drain line, forming a blockage that impedes water from flowing quickly. This results in water pooling beneath the AC or the system shutting down since the drain float prevents further dehumidification. The best way to avoid such a scenario is to frequently hire an AC service contractor to vacuum the condensate line.

Servicing your unit on time will improve the system's efficiency and extend its lifespan. Thus, partner with a reputable air conditioning service specialist to keep your system in great shape. 

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