AC Repairs You Might Need If The Refrigerant Coils Aren't Kept Clean

One of the reasons it's important to have an AC service call in the spring is so the equipment can be cleaned. Dirty refrigerant coils or a dirty blower can cause your AC to break down, and then you'll need to call an AC repair contractor.

It's important for the refrigerant coils in your air conditioner to stay clean, and a technician has to clean them since dirt and grime build up on the coils over time. Here's why cleaning the condenser and evaporator coil is important and some AC repairs you may need if the coils get too dirty.

Cleaning Removes Grime That Blocks Heat Transfer

Even when you're vigilant about changing the filter in your air conditioner, it's possible for dust to get inside the air handler. If you're lax about filter changes, dust is even more of a problem. The dust builds up on the parts inside the air handler, including the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is also wet due to condensation, so the dust gets wet and turns into a grimy coating that acts like insulation to block heat transfer.

Even though the evaporator coil isn't used when you run the furnace, air is still pulled through the air handler and over the coils all winter when the furnace is running. This means the coil will probably be dirty before summer begins and you start using your air conditioner. Cleaning the grime off is essential for your AC to work optimally and for the refrigerant to do its job of cooling down your house.

AC Repairs That May Be Needed Due To Dirty Coils

When dust and grime build up on the refrigerant coils, ice can form. Once ice forms, problems with the refrigerant escalate. The ice continues to build until your AC shuts down. This can lead to the need for an emergency AC repair call. Your AC has to be shut down so the ice can melt and then the AC repair technician can scrub the refrigerant coil clean.

The same type of problem can happen outdoors with the condenser coil. Both coils and the copper lines that run between them need to be clean for your AC to work properly.

Another problem that can happen with the evaporator coil indoors is pitting due to exposure to chemical outgassing in your house. If the coil is never cleaned, the pitting can lead to pinholes in the coil. When that happens, refrigerant leaks out and the AC repair technician needs to plug the holes or put in a new refrigerant coil.

By cleaning the refrigerant condensation and evaporator coils regularly, chemical buildup and grime are kept under control so the coils last longer and perform better. Look into AC repair for more information.