How To Get Reliable Boiler Installation Services

When your old boiler breaks down, it is time to install a brand-new one. However, you may have to make that decision in an emergency where you need hot water and your central heating system is no longer working. Apart from buying a new boiler, you have to choose a reliable installation technician.

Here is a simple guide to help you find the right boiler installation technician:

Get a Quote from Several Technicians

It would help if you invite two or three HVAC contractors to make quotes for boiler installation. The quotes will include all the costs that go towards installing the boiler. You should take each contractor through your hot water requirements, heating needs, and the type of boiler you want. Once you receive the quotes from different contractors, you should choose one with the best services, prices, and project timelines.

What Do You Need to Get Great Boiler Installation Services?

Your boiler installation expert needs to know about your water needs in greater detail. If you have any plans for the future, make sure you inform the technician. The following are some of the crucial aspects to think about:

How You Use Hot Water

In what parts of your house do you use hot water the most? Is it the kitchen or bathroom? How many taps do you need to have hot water?

The Need for Pumped Power Shower

You may have a pump installed on your shower. If you choose to install a combi boiler, then you may have to ditch the shower pump.

Fluctuating Hot Water Needs

Do you have the exact hot water needs throughout the year? You may want to consider that as you assign that work to a contractor.

Problems With the Current System

Why do you want a new boiler installed in your home? Boiler repairs can be a good option if the old system has stopped working but is still functional.

Any Home Improvements

It is essential to tell the technician about any plans for home improvements. Examples include installation of solar panels, loft conversions, or installation of a new bathroom.

Preferred Boiler Brand

Different boiler brands have different levels of reliability. While some might last for only six years, others will remain serviceable for up to two decades. Therefore, you have to choose one that works for you.


Boiler installation is a decision that you should seriously think about before making a decision. After getting a quote and choosing a technician, you should evaluate your decision based on various factors. The result should be the hiring of a reliable technician.