AC Services To Get Your Home Ready For A Cold Winter And Prepare For Next Summer

The air conditioning in your home needs maintenance and repairs to ensure it is efficiently cooling your home. You will eventually want to replace the air conditioner with a more efficient and modern system. Therefore, you are going to need the help of air conditioning services for the work that needs to be done. The following air conditioning service work will help you with maintenance work that your AC needs:

End summer with thorough AC maintenance—As the summer ends, you are going to want to make sure the AC maintenance is done. There is normal maintenance like changing filters as well as thorough AC servicing. The following is some of the work that the air conditioner needs before winter arrives:

  • Changing and cleaning air filters
  • Cleaning the AC unit outside
  • Inspecting the AC for damage
  • Weatherizing the air conditioning for winter

This is the work that you should have done to your HVAC to ensure the air conditioner is ready for downtime during the winter months.

Upgrade an old AC unit with a modern heat pump—One of the issues that you may have with your air conditioning is it being outdated and inefficient. You need to find solutions that improve your household cooling efficiency during the summer months. One of the options to consider is an AC heat pump, which can also provide efficient heating during the mild winter weather that will be here soon.

Update controls and thermostats for more efficient HVAC—The controls of your system also need to be updated with the right improvements. The controls can be added for a zoned HVAC system design as well as to improve the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. There are options to use smart thermostats to enhance performance and the comfort of your home. 

Improving ductwork and adding energy solutions to HVAC systems—The ductwork can also be improved by adding better materials and shortening runs to reduce energy loss. Changes may also need to be made to ductwork for a zoned HVAC design, which requires automatic dampers to be installed to direct airflow. Talk to your HVAC service about options to improve the ductwork and the efficiency of your air conditioning.

This air conditioning work will help you get your system ready and ensure you are prepared for next winter. Call an AC service for help before the seasons change. They will be able to help you with the routine AC services and improvements that you are planning for your HVAC.