Built A New Home From The Ground Up? Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Insulate Pipes

You have probably looked forward all year to moving into your brand-new and newly-built home in time for the holidays. Everything looks great and the house is now warm and inviting. However, before you forget what climate you live in, you should probably call in a plumber to insulate your pipes. If all of your new pipes in the basement are exposed, then you definitely want to call a plumber. Here is why this time of year is perfect for insulating brand-new pipes in your brand-new home. 

The Pipes Need Protection

The last thing you want is for your new pipes to freeze and rupture. That would be a bad way to start off in this new house! By calling a plumber to insulate the pipes, the pipes will be safe against all frigid temperatures because the insulation will protect them. 

You Are Turning on the Furnace and Seeing the Pipes Reminds You

Things that are out of sight are almost always out of mind. You may remember that you need to call a plumber when you see the pipes while checking the furnace filter and turning on your heat, but then you might forget a few minutes later. Call when you remember and are reminded by the sight of the pipes so that the insulation job may be completed before you forget again. 

If You Insulate Now, You Will Not Have to Again for a Very Long Time

Your pipes should be insulated already since this is the first winter they will have to endure. Sometimes plumbing contractors finish installing everything but opt to leave the pipe installation up to the homeowner. When the pipes are not insulated, it requires that you do the job, or hire a plumber who can.

If you do have your pipes insulated right now, you will not have to do it again for a very long time. The insulation that the plumber wraps completed around the pipes will not rot or fall apart for many decades to come. Even then the insulation will only fall apart if a pipe springs a leak and the insulation is soaked. It takes a lot of time and moisture to make some of the modern insulation rot. The only other time you should be concerned with rotting insulation is when your home is completely flooded and the basement and first floors (at the very least) are underwater.

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