3 Signs Your AC System Is Working Too Hard

Like you, your AC system may start working too hard and, like you, it will get worn out much faster if it does this. The system needs time to rest and recover so that it won't overheat or fail.

Sometimes your AC system may be overworked just because you're in the middle of a record heat wave, but other times it could be that you're keeping the temperature set too low, not taking advantage of easy passive cooling potential, or forgetting to have the unit serviced regularly. Here are three signs that the system is working too hard and you need to get to the bottom of it before you find yourself with no cool air.

1. More frequent repairs

If your system starts making a horrible clunking sound and you turn it off and call for repairs only to find that the fan blade has come loose, that could just be a coincidence. But if later you find that you're having to call for repairs several times in a short period, you may want to consider that your system could be overworked. 

2. Higher temperatures

The hotter it is outside, the harder your AC system is going to have to work to keep things cool. If your preferred indoor temperature remains around 70 degrees while the outdoor temperature soars to 110, the amount of heat seeping into your house throughout the day may simply be overwhelming your system's ability to cool. This can happen to anyone's AC on the hottest day of the year.

If you know your AC can keep your home comfortable up to a certain temperature, you may want to start planning what to do when the outside temperature passes that mark. For example, you could use exterior blinds and keep them rolled down on those days to block radiant heat through your sunniest windows. You could also use an indoor fan to help you stay comfortable when it is even hotter outside.

3. Constant running

Your AC unit may also start being overworked on hot days that it used to be able to handle with aplomb. This can occur when it needs maintenance or when it's starting to wear out from age, for example. If you notice the unit running all day long without taking normal breaks, you'll want to look into it. This type of behavior can cause the unit to freeze up, which will then necessitate turning it off for a while so it can thaw (not fun on a hot day!).

These three signs can clue you in to an AC unit that's working too hard. Whether that's because your home is too large for your unit or because it needs maintenance and repairs, calling a professional HVAC contractor is the way to go. For more information contact a business like CNR Air Conditioning Inc.