Purchasing An Older Home? 3 Ways To Improve Interior Comfort Levels

Older homes are well-known for their beautiful designs with high ceilings, sweeping staircases, and large windows. Unfortunately, many of the same features than make them beloved also make them difficult to heat and cool. If you own one of these stately homes or plan to purchase one soon, here are some helpful tips for improving the level of interior comfort it offers you and your family. 

Supplement existing heating and cooling units

Central heating and air conditioning have been popular with homeowners for more than four decades. Because of this, many older homes have already been renovated to include a modern HVAC system. If your older home is very large or has a somewhat sprawling layout, the existing heating and cooling system may not be able to reach all areas of the home. In these situations, adding supplemental components, such as window air conditioning units or a mini-split system that effectively heat and cool a portion of the home may be all that is necessary to provide a more consistently comfortable home. 

Focus on fans and transoms to increase air flow

Many older homes have transoms over the interior doors and higher ceilings that can help to increase air flow throughout the home. By installing ceiling fans throughout the home and fully utilizing any existing transoms the home may offer, homeowners can more easily increase air flow through the home and more effectively distribute heated and cooled air. In winter, transoms coupled with ceiling fans make use of the rising warm air currents, helping to spread them more evenly through the interior. In summer, the direction of the ceiling fans are reversed, helping to pull the cooler air at floor level upward to make the rooms more comfortable. 

Upgrade to increase efficiency

The efficiency of home HVAC systems have improved dramatically over the past few years, with the newest models operating at well over 90 percent efficiency. Homeowners who are dealing with an older, less efficient HVAC system in their older home may be able to enjoy a much more comfortable home by upgrading to one of these new, more efficient systems. 

When dealing with any type of heating or cooling problem in an older home, start by discussing your situation with a trusted HVAC service contractor in your area. These professionals can test your current system to diagnose problems and help you choose a solution that will fit your budget and help your family enjoy a more comfortable home. Talk to a company like AC Service Today to learn more.