Has One Of Your Kids Recently Purchased Their First Home? 4 Home-Related Gifts That Will Help The Settle In

If one of your kids just bought their first house, the holidays are the perfect time to give them a meaningful house-warming gift. They're going to be so busy decorating and making their house a home, that they might not think about the necessary maintenance. That's where you come in. Here are four heart-felt gifts you can give that will help them settle into their new home.

Home Warranty Package

When you buy an existing home, you never know what problems could be hiding below the surface. The last thing you want your child to face with their new home is a mountain of repair bills for things like outdated wiring or a broken dishwasher. That's where a home warranty package comes in handy. If you sign them up for a home warranty package, they'll be able to take care of all those little problems that come along, and they won't need to take a chunk out of their budget to do it.

HVAC Service Inspection

The purchase of the home may have come with an inspection, but that doesn't mean t

hat everything was caught, especially when it comes to details involving the energy efficiency of the furnace and air conditioner. Unfortunately, existing homes can often come with outdated HVAC systems, or with systems that weren't well-maintained by the previous owners. To make sure the furnace and air conditioner are ready for use, pay for an HVAC service inspection for your child's first house. They may be an adult now, but they'll appreciate your thoughtful gift.

Complete Duct Cleaning

When it comes to existing homes, you never know what's been living – or dying – in the heater ducts. There could be years of dirt, dust, bug droppings, and maybe even a dead rodent – or two. You don't want your child to be breathing in the debris that's hiding in those ducts. To make sure the ducts are clean and ready for use, include a complete duct cleaning with the HVAC service inspection.

Drain Cleaning and Inspection

You may have thought about the warranty, the HVAC system and the ducts, but there's still one place that could be hiding years worth of contamination and grime. That's the drain system. To make sure your child doesn't end up with stubborn clogs and foul odors, contact a local plumber and arrange to have the drains cleaned.

Now that one of your kids has moved into their first home, take advantage of the unique gift-giving opportunities it provides. Contact a company, like Ragan Mechanical Inc , for more help.