Two Important HVAC Maintenance Jobs You Can Do Today

Does it seem like your heating and air conditioning are just not working like they used to? Does it seem like your airflow is reduced and the air coming out just isn't as cold as it should be?  If so, you might be able to fix these problems today, with tools you already have in the garage. You don't always need to resort to hiring professionals to service your HVAC system. This article shows you two simple things you can do right now to improve the functionality of your HVAC system:

Clean Your Condenser Coils With a Hose

One common problem with HVAC systems is that the condenser unit is not working properly because the coils are dirty. The coils are basically the thin aluminum ridge is that line outside of the condenser. You can find your condenser easily because it is a large unit on the outside of your property. You don't even need to turn off your condenser to clean it. Just spray it down thoroughly with a hose. This should wash dirt from in between the coils and make them more efficient. If there still a lot of dirt after spraying them down with the hose, try using a metal-safe household cleaner to help break down the dirt. Clean condenser coils are key to a healthy, efficient HVAC system.

Tape Your Ducts

Do you have duct tape laying around the house? Why not put it good use by actually using it to tape your ducts. There are probably several feet of ducting in your home that is exposed. Most of the ducting is encapsulated in the drywall so you cannot work on it. But, it is the exposed ducting sections that usually need TLC. Since they are exposed, they can get knocked loose, creating gaps at the seams between individual pieces.

This problem can be easily fixed with a little duct tape. If you simply tape the seams between individual duct pieces, you can stop heat loss. It is a good idea to tape all of the seams, not just the ones that appear to be loose. This is a smart preventative measure that will prevent your ducts from getting knocked loose again.

These two simple jobs could actually increase the airflow into your ducts. In the end, you could end up reducing your utility bills after about an hour of work on your exposed ducts and condenser unit. Contact a local heating and air conditioning repair service for more information and assistance.