Is A Heating And Cooling System Maintenance Plan Necessary?

There are many steps you can take to guarantee that your home's heating and cooling system is properly working throughout the year. One of those is to have a maintenance plan from your HVAC contractor. If you are unsure if a plan is right for you, here is what you need to know.  

What Is in a Maintenance Plan? 

Heating and cooling maintenance plans, or a service contract, is basically an agreement between you and your HVAC contractor that he or she will provide maintenance services to your system. As part of the agreement, you will pay a set fee.  

Maintenance plans can vary, but they usually include a check-up of the heating and cooling system. The contractor will service the system and make sure tasks, such as checking for leaks, are properly taken care of. Some contracts have additional services, such as emergency coverage.  

Depending on the contractor, the plan might also include an opportunity to have your service requests regarded as a priority over others. This could be especially important during periods of extreme temperatures.  

Why Should You Agree to a Plan? 

The most obvious reason to get a maintenance plan is that it could help you save costly repairs. Many problems that could occur with your heating and cooling system are avoidable with the right maintenance. During the inspection of your system, the contractor could also detect minor problems they worsen.  

In addition to this, if your contractor offers priority treatment with a maintenance plan, you could avoid delays that could result in your home not being heated or cooled for long periods of time. In times of extreme weather, the demand for contractors can dramatically increase, which means longer wait times for assistance. If you have the option of priority treatment, you could move quickly to the head of the line.  

Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling system also means its lifespan can be extended. Even if your system is being used sparingly, it can still experience wear and tear. The extended lifespan due to good care could potentially help you save thousands on buying a new system in the future.  

Your HVAC contractor can help with assessing whether a maintenance plan is necessary for your system. He or she can review the options for the plan and help you decide which is best. In addition to this, the contractor can recommend other ways to care for your system. Talk with a company like Poynter Sheet Metal for more help.