Going From Steam Radiators To Baseboard Heating

If your home has steam radiators one big benefit is the fact that your home can be heated to your preferred temperature in a very short period of time. Cast iron radiators may rattle and may some banging noises as they get into gear, but can keep even the largest, draftiest homes heated all throughout winter. On the other hand, there are multiple energy efficient heating options that have emerged since the invention of steam radiators. If you believe that is is time to upgrade from steam radiators to a central baseboard heating system you should check with local heating contractors about making a serious change in your home's HVAC system.

Switching Out Old Piping

The pipes that run steam from your boiler to your radiators are probably made out of copper. To get heat to flow properly through a baseboard HVAC system you will need to determine what kind of new vents and ducts are needed. Only licensed heating contractors should be trusted to make major upgrades to home HVAC systems as detaching or replacing the wrong pipe can result in leaks, possibly leaving you without any heat at all. Rather than needing emergency heating contractors to make repairs you should schedule an HVAC system upgrade.

Having Your Boiler Adjusted

A large amount of heat is needed to keep steam radiators running. The temperature on your boiler might be set to a high degree to ensure that enough steam is being created to keep each level of your house supplied with hot water vapor. As a result of going over to baseboard heating, it is likely that your boiler will need to have the temperature gauge set at a lower temperature. Your boiler might only need to be dialed down a few degrees, but it is best to refer to the expertise of heating contractors to make such changes to your home heating system.

Installing a New Thermostat

With a new baseboard heating system installed you will want an upgraded thermostat in place so that your home always has an accurate temperature reading. An upgraded thermostat can also enable you to keep various rooms and floors in your home at different settings. If the reason behind you making the switch from radiator heating to baseboard heat was to help improve energy efficiency then having the ability to adjust your home's temperature remotely is a great advantage. Newer energy systems produce better cooling and heating inside of residences, and they are less expensive for homeowners to maintain in most cases. Click here for info on heating your home.