Fighting the Arctic Blasts? 4 Ways to Keep Your Heating Bills Level When the Arctic Cold Blasts Your Province

The Arctic winds that come down out of the North and slam into every province during a Canadian winter can cause many people to turn up their thermostats. While that may be tantalizing and agreeable in the moment, your heating bills could go through the roof. Instead, you can adopt the four following ways for keeping your heating bills level when the Arctic winds cause the temperatures to plummet way below freezing.

Use Blankets, and Lots of Them

Keeping the thermostat at a constant temperature is easy to do if you have a backup method for staying warm. If you do not already have several blankets to snuggle under, you may want to purchase several more. Better still, buy a few electric blankets, which use just a little electricity but produce a substantial amount of warmth.

Use Space Heaters in Unused Rooms

If there are a few rooms in your home that you currently do not use, close the vents to those rooms and then close the doors too. If you are not heating rooms you don't frequently use, then you can heat the rest of your home more effectively and efficiently. It will also save you some money to close these rooms off and just use space heaters to heat them when you have guests stay the night or prevent pipes from freezing.

Get Programmable Thermostats

Install a programmable thermostat in your home. An HVAC contractor can replace your current thermostat with one that will initiate a higher temperature during the couple of hours you are home in the evening, right before you retire for the night. Then it can drop a few degrees while you are under warm blankets or an electric heating blanket at night, and return to a set temperature during the day. The programmable thermostat retains all of the information you place in it, and runs automatically once it is fully programmed to your liking.

Convert to Gas or Boiler Heat

If you are currently using electric or oil/kerosene heat, you probably see the highest bills of anyone around you. Converting to natural gas, propane and even boiler heat can dramatically reduce your bills. Your HVAC contractor can remove your electric or oil furnace and fuel drums and replace them with a boiler system or a natural gas/propane system. Be sure to make this conversion before the first winds of winter blow or before you receive your first tankful of heating oil.

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